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A quick note for anyone who upgraded to iPhone OS 3.1 recently. Upon upgrading and syncing, iTunes told me that my computer was no longer authorized to use the iPhone apps I downloaded, and if I did not authorize the computer immediately, all of my apps would be deleted. What could I do? I authorized, […]Continue Reading


We’re proud to announce is now live. This is a project we designed and developed a couple of months ago for Syntronics LLC, a company located in Fredericksburg, Virginia that provides products and services for defense and homeland security. The site uses the MODx content management system and sports an original clean and simple […]Continue Reading


If you live in the Washington DC area, you’ve probably heard of (if not had) the delicious desserts from CakeLove. The new and improved CakeLove store is at last live! So if you like pound cakes, cupcakes, layered cakes, brownies, or cookies (just to name a few) then head over to the new store and […]Continue Reading


So much for keeping on top of the blog posts! We’ve been really busy lately here in Fairfax, yet we still haven’t made the decision to hire full-time staff. I think we’re getting there, but there’s a lot of logistics issues to work through. We do have some additions coming to our portfolio soon, though. […]Continue Reading


Last week Kevin and I were invited by Carey Cole to come speak at James Madison University for a second time. Mr. Cole was a professor of mine at JMU when I attended and we were honored to be invited back to speak again. We presented to four classes all within the College of Business […]Continue Reading


My name is Kevin Frey, and I’m co-owner of TransEffect, along with my business partner Brandon Jones. We’re almost into the new year, and we’ve been preparing for it by making some major changes here at TransEffect, not least of which begins with the new look of our web site. We opened on January 1st, […]Continue Reading