So much for keeping on top of the blog posts! We’ve been really busy lately here in Fairfax, yet we still haven’t made the decision to hire full-time staff. I think we’re getting there, but there’s a lot of logistics issues to work through. We do have some additions coming to our portfolio soon, though. We’re nearly finished a project that was of personal interest to both me and Brandon, as it deals with the potentially controversial issue of the huge Fallsview Casino being located so close to Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada, a so-called Great Natural Wonder of the World. Our client, Skip Allen, decided to take on this issue for the sake of the environment. He has two main goals: to bring about the closure of the Fallsview Casino, restoring the great natural beauty to the surrounding area, and to keep other conglomerates from similarly exploiting Natural Wonders for profit (particularly at the expense of the environment and local economy). You can find out more by going to his new web site: It’s the first time we’ve ever dealt with a controversial project, as a business, and we’re looking forward to seeing the response.

Anyone reading should feel free to get in touch with Skip, and let him know what you think of the web site. We’ll soon be launching a .com version of the same domain. It will sell CFVC merchandise–t-shirts, hats, stickers, etc.–from which the proceeds will be used to cover the costs of the site, hosting, and cause.

I’m currently working on several other projects (a veterinary management practitioner and a grant consultant for non-profits), and am bidding on a bed & breakfast site development project, which I’ll hear back about soon. Also, we’ve launched, which is a site for a local contractor, serving the Northern Virginia/Southeastern Maryland area. Brandon’s been busy working on our larger contract, developing an internal system for NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. We’re also looking into the possibility of doing iPhone Application Development, which Brandon is super excited about. Whether or not we’ll pursue it, we haven’t yet decided, but we’ll be sure to post about any exciting updates!