We’ve just released the latest version of Quick Connect! We’ve listened to your feedback to make some updates and improve the interface. We’ve even fixed a bug or two.  Here are the changes/fixes included in version 1.1:

  • A new help / faq screen available both on the web and in the app.
  • Stay connected to Facebook forever (if you want) so you only ever need to log in once.
  • Memory management improvements.
  • Fixed lag time after clicking the add contact button.
  • Improved international dialing by using a configurable dialing prefix.
  • The status bar is now visible primarily so it can be tapped to scroll to the top of pages.
  • The selected application (phone, map, email, or text) now uses a large icon for easier identification of which application is selected. (This can be turned off in the app settings if you prefer the all text version)
  • Revamped icon

For more information visit the official Quick Connect page or download Quick Connect on the App Store.