We’ve just released our second application for the Apple iPhone. I proudly present Quick Connect, a visual speed dial application which uses contact photos as icons.

Speed dial is usually boring – you either click a number that you’ve assigned to a phone number or you click on a person’s name to call them. I’d rather scan my contact’s photos (complete with their name as a caption) and tap their icon (or if you’re really mad at them, you can mash their face with your finger).

Quick Connect not only allows you to call a contact, but also works with the Google Maps, Text, and Email applications. With the Google Maps application a pin will be placed on the address you have assigned to that person. With the Email application a new email will be addressed to your contact. And with the Text application your text conversation is quickly opened (or if there’s no ongoing conversation, a new one will be started).

Personally, I’m excited about a secondary function in Quick Connect – the ability to sync your photos with your friend’s Facebook photos!

For more information visit the official Quick Connect page or check out Quick Connect on the App Store. Quick Connect is no longer available for download.