With this app, photo dialing is just the beginning! You can instantly and visually find a contact in Google Maps, make a phone call, text a friend, or pre-address an email. Quick Connect makes it fast and easy.

Each contact stays up to date automatically with your iPhone contacts, so if a friend gets a new phone number, no need to change it more than once – Quick Connect will take care of it for you. Even if you sync your contacts with a third-party service like Gmail, they will be automatically updated in Quick Connect.

Quick Connect also includes a Facebook photo-sync tool, so you can automatically use your friends' Facebook photos as contact photos – a great feature for people with photoless contacts.

If some of your contacts don't have information for the selected application (phone, text, email, or map), their photos will be dimmed to avoid any confusion.

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Quick Connect is available on the iPhone App Store.

Quick Connect - iPhone

Quick Connect Facebook Sync - iPhone