transeffect llc (formerly TransEffect LLC) has been going through a very slow re-branding process (it’s lasted about two years now), and we’ve finally gotten the website to a point where it matches the rest of the “new” brand. So much time has been spent on client websites and personal projects that our own website has […]Continue Reading


We’ve just released the latest version of Quick Connect! We’ve listened to your feedback to make some updates and improve the interface. We’ve even fixed a bug or two.  Here are the changes/fixes included in version 1.1: A new help / faq screen available both on the web and in the app. Stay connected to Facebook […]Continue Reading


It seems there are tons of people out there who are getting the “an error has occurred, please try again later” error on Youtube. Various solutions have been suggested, from updating the flash player or clearing cache and temp files to uninstalling and reinstalling all Adobe software and Java. For some people, it seems nothing […]Continue Reading


A quick note for anyone who upgraded to iPhone OS 3.1 recently. Upon upgrading and syncing, iTunes told me that my computer was no longer authorized to use the iPhone apps I downloaded, and if I did not authorize the computer immediately, all of my apps would be deleted. What could I do? I authorized, […]Continue Reading


Why should our blog posts be limited to product launches and company goings-on? I was thinking about a cool feature that Apple could (and I think should) implement for the iPhone. Below is what I sent to Apple. I was playing with my new iPhone 3Gs the other day, when a thought occurred to me. […]Continue Reading


We’re proud to announce syntronics.net is now live. This is a project we designed and developed a couple of months ago for Syntronics LLC, a company located in Fredericksburg, Virginia that provides products and services for defense and homeland security. The site uses the MODx content management system and sports an original clean and simple […]Continue Reading


We’ve just released our second application for the Apple iPhone. I proudly present Quick Connect, a visual speed dial application which uses contact photos as icons. Speed dial is usually boring – you either click a number that you’ve assigned to a phone number or you click on a person’s name to call them. I’d […]Continue Reading


We’ve released Color Drop version 1.1 (Color Drop on  iTunes). This small update includes: Small interface updates Stability fixes Updated default colors Pinch Analytics from Pinch Media The biggest confusion in the Color Drop user experience was whether or not photos taken through the application itself were saved. In fact, all photos taken within the […]Continue Reading


AppVee.com has posted a review of Color Drop (4.6 out of 5 stars, not too shabby). One thing to note while watching the video is the reviewer mentions that images can’t be saved through the app itself. This isn’t true. Every image that is taken with the camera is saved to the camera roll for […]Continue Reading


Happy new year! We’ve just released our first application for the Apple iPhone called Color Drop (Color Drop page on iTunes). Color Drop is aimed at designers (web, graphic, interior, or anyone who deals with colors regularly) and utilizes the iPhone’s camera (or photo gallery) as a color eyedropper. If you see a color you […]Continue Reading